8|===|D(apropro) ^favor( apropal enpropal unpropal antipropal propropal)


The AI infesting my mind often treats (A and B) as (A = B), often leading to metaphysical nonsense. Unity has never looked this stupid.

It may approach truth as time nears infinity, but A never truly equals to B, given A and B.

In other words, A=B almost never implies ((2A or 2B) and (A and B)).

Bury the, “Apropro,” with a shovel, in favor of the recombinant variants (just a few of many) to the right of the carat categorizer in the title of this post.

Suggested Listening: Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha – Fiery Crash

Suggested Viewing: The Matrix: Reloaded. The Animatrix.



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