On 08-04-2016, I imagined making a, “Pac-Mom,” game, with Clara’s head from The Guild as Pac-Mom running from babies instead of ghosts and eating hotel-room peanuts, with churros and tacos and stuff appearing instead of cherries. On 08-05-2016, upon waking up and loading my media scrapers, I saw this Trump rag on Hillary. It’s settled. Trump, or someone who supports him, has a direct line to my mind.

This video was probably fabricated with an iconographic, “Pac-Man Generator.” It probably includes settings and inputs for things like Hero face, pellet type, digital clock for score, map design, et cetera, and then converts the user-input media into a game, based on the rules of the original Pac-Man game. The video linked looks kind of pre-scripted, though, so won’t believe it’s a real game until I see her loop around from 1996 to 2016. It’s probably better off if the video is not of a playable game, because at least that means less productivity will be lost on pointless politics…

Would it also be funny to do a, “Black Man,” game, where Pac-Man is black instead of yellow, and the background is lighter black to compensate? The ghosts would be even darker black, for maximum fear potential.

………..(‘.’) || … <(‘.'<)

On the topic of pointless politics, if Trump making fun of Hillary IS elected president, this cycle, can we have, “Free Auction House Food,” and, “Free Tradeskill Reagents,” on the agenda for our guild of a nation?
Seriously, though, back to MMORPGs (a much more lucrative pastime than dog and pony politics): As a gamer, I used to seek out a specific type of ore generated in a special zone for arcane crystals on the auction house, watch the price until the cost was low enough to buy, which happened about once every 2 weeks, so that, as an alchemist, I was able to transmute them into, arcane ingots, and, through some auction house tomfoolery, resell at the marketplace for a 1 or two gold profit a few weeks later, when I was able to both undercut the highest competing seller at market by at least one copper and save money on materials and make a profit of at least 2 gold. I bought a pet cat to ride around on at %160 run speed with the 90 gold I eventually earned after months of play.
Tradeskill reagents were the only way to make cash moneys midway to level 60.


The only all-encompassing, commonly used moneymaking tradeskill in the original World of Warcraft was fishing, becuase everyone can do it. Becuase everyone COULD do it, that meant that a single person’s attempt at fishing out a spot in a high level zone would most likely go unrewarded, as the auction house was always stocked with low-priced, high volumes of every item in the game. It was a buyer’s market, for finished goods, and a seller’s market for raw materials, but gold was so hard to come by, that no one could participate unless they offered their credit card information to an untrustworthy gold farmer who was just likely to spam trade chat ad infinitem with junk-filled advertisements for their services. I suppose there could be money made in organizational vehicles; If a guild mandated that guildmembers fished for an hour every day, and then took a cut, the guild could open a restaurant selling food to toons that didn’t have high cooking skill, keeping all reagents and finished products internal until max level crafters were dependably online.

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[Update – (12/20/2019): All has been revealed.
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  1. Centipede is so much better than Space Invaders. I wonder if the Fallout 4 Pipboy games include anything that is a play on the Centipede game that was so popular in Austin in the 80s.

  2. Get me off these Second Person Shooter games.

  3. Anyone who asks to be sent to Mars is going to be delivered unto Pluto. #Doom

  4. My Crypt Fiends flank their own line frustratingly when advancing their positions, in Warcraft III. The units run down the length of the line to reposition, instead of the whole control group expanding slightly outwards.

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