21st Century Hieroglyph

Egyptian Hieroglyph
This is a short story in the form of a syntactic hieroglyph about birth, coming-of-age, love, and progeny. The story is told through syntactic operations performed with brackets upon 3-element creatures.

A Three Bit Life:
  1. t@t, t@t ~ { O } ~ _O_
  2. t@t_O_ ~ [ @ ] ~ _@_
  3. t@t_@_ ~ ( l ) ~ l@l
  4. t@t, l@l ~ ( t ) ~ t@t
  5. t@t ~ | ^ | ~ F@F
  6. F@F ~ < i > ~ FPF
  7. FPFFPF ~ { O } ~ _O_

Reading Guide:

  •  _ _ _: Quantity of life with indiscernible empty quality and potential for placements
  • Characters: Indicate physiological qualities of the 3-element life.
  • Brackets indicate type of action taking place and subsequent place of action on the life’s person.
  • Quantity inside of brackets: Indicates type of object which elements are being replaced with, direction of change to be implemented in an element, or that which is being changed or inputted.
  • {}: Seeder. New object in brackets is generated from the two preceding quantities.
  • []:Center Replacer. First quantity acts on second quantity to replace its center element by the object in brackets. (): Side replacer. First quantity acts on second quantity to replace its side elements by the object in brackets. ||: Side shifter. Side elements of preceding quantity are shifted in accordance with the variable object in the brackets. <>: Center shifter. Center element in preceding quantity is shifted in accordance with the variable object in the brackets.
  • Color: Indicates chronologically-invariant personhood.
  • ~_~: Indicates that an action is taking place after a period of time.
  • Now what?:Interior of brackets can be filled with various characters and operators (such as Greek symbols or wingdings), additional brackets can be developed for additional types of functions (such as deletion, removal, or copying), and behaviors listed can be iterated upon and combinatorically assigned to new characters in addition to the brackets and operators listed.
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