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I Miss Canned Beans


Pills, pills, the magical fruit, the more you pills, pills PILLS PILLS!

Electro M&M Flux


Thinking of physics while choking down the government dole. Green runs, Yellow chases, Blue hovers. Repulsion, Attraction, and Charge around an Atom.

“It Takes Money to Make Money, Suckaz!”


Banks are currently able to loan out $10 for every $1 they take in from deposits. This devalues the currency by 90% on a yearly basis. This ten dollars is often used to purchase real world goods by banks’ clients,… Read more…

“Since every individual is accountable ultimately to the self, it is the formation of that self demands our utmost care and attention.” -Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune


The ideal thinking paradigm: 1/5 existentialist (does something exist or not?). 1/5 wisher (can something be made to exist or not?). 1/5 human calculator (how does something relationally exist in respect to other things?). 1/5 probabilitally statistical value judger (is… Read more…