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Rando Intergnat Tard Bots Can Now Use Thesauri


Creating a truly random seeming number generator does not take a lot of work. It isn’t about not having enough time to do it, either. It is about producing a nest of gears, all torqued to the same motor, that’s… Read more…

Secrets Aren’t Safe With ANYone


A person who wants to [hear your flaws] will [capitalize on them] in [rude [[behavior] towards [you]]], unless [you [are [ [good [enough]] that [ your [[[strengths]] [[compensate] for [[them, yourself, and [[everyone] [who [ever] {[heard] [you]}{or}{[repeated]} [your {[sayings]}{and}{[dealings]}] in… Read more…

Banging on Heaven’s Doorstep


I think the PRIMARY reason people love [super hero movies] is that [the main character] is [always] on like [quests]] that [bear] [confusing similarity] to [reality] [at the time the movie was released]. That being said, I haven’t seen Warcraft… Read more…



On 08-04-2016, I imagined making a “Pac Mom” game, with Clara’s head from The Guild as Pac Mom running from ghosts and eating peanuts, with churros and tacos and stuff appearing instead of cherries. On 08-05-2016, upon waking up and… Read more…

“I Sense A Soul In Search Of Answers”


I’m trying to get pageclicks on my website from Diablo 3 redditors by offering a thousand gold per visit. Don’t like reddit? Make a login here on this website. No takers so far. Blizzard is externally very phobia-induced by outside… Read more…

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Navigation Halp!


If this page renders the wrong size on your browser, or you’d like to avoid the tags, feel free to hold down the control button and scroll up or down with your mousewheel to fix it, or alternatively, change your… Read more…

Git Frum It Wat U Can

Can of Worms

For the modern writer, metaphors are a risky gamble. Best writing is realest writing. Suffixes, affixes, synonyms, phobonyms (words that sound different), curt analogies, and root words are all more resilient.

This Doomsday Clock Design Purrs Like A Kitten

doomsday clocks

Amazing new product:¬†Doomsday Clock! The Doomsday Clock is really a Relativistic Time Minifabrication System Restore for the Universe. By referencing time shenanigans, we must look to accellerated Pocket Universes (Expanding or contracting bubbles in space) as an example. The time… Read more…

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